LG PuriCare™ 360° 空氣清新機 雙層版(H13級HEPA濾網, 內置清淨循環扇) $4,980.00

    "Yaumati Sketch" Mask Holder



      - 20 (h) x 14 (w) cm
      - Closed 10 (h) x 6 (w) cm

      About G.O.D.

      Founded in 1996 , Goods of Desire is quintessentially Hong Kong.
      Our name also means "to live better" in our local dialect because it phonetically resembles the characters, “G.O.D.”
      Our designs are inspired by the vibrant culture of this energetic city where east meets west, and age-old traditions meet cutting-edge technology.
      With humour and creativity, we turn everyday subjects into truly extraordinary objects.


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