LG PuriCare™ 360° 空氣清新機 雙層版(H13級HEPA濾網, 內置清淨循環扇) $4,980.00

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                Discover functional yet stylish food containers in Hong Kong today

                Shop functional and stylish food containers online at Happyhourstore and get it delivered straight to your doorstep in Hong Kong! QUALY makes food containers that are environmentally friendly, stylish, and functional as possible. Plus, made from recyclable materials and pollution free manufacturing processes, food containers from QUALY are as kind to your wallet as they are to our beloved home we call Hong Kong!

                The selection of kitchenware such as plates and food containers available in Happyhourstore are all curated from artisanal and innovative local designers from Hong Kong and beyond. Not only is each design created to be functional, but they are also made in such a way that the aesthetic and color of the product will elicit a sense of excitement and happiness whenever you need to use food containers to pack up leftovers or make lunches.

                Many people like to make food and desserts at home. And our carefully curated selection of food containers and utensils are a brilliant and endlessly practical solution for the modern kitchen that is easy on the eyes and perfect all your cooking needs.

                Here at Happyhourstore, you can shop for a wide variety of high-quality food containers online at an affordable price in Hong Kong. Featuring unique and eye-catching designs that are bound to reflect your own personal style, each of the food containers from QUALY is made to withstand wear and tear in style. Ideal for daily use as well as special occasions, our consciously curated selection of food containers are made by using recyclable environmentally friendly materials and pollution-free design techniques to ensure that you can minimize your carbon footprint and waste production in Hong Kong.

                Happyhourstore is an online store that is committed to ensuring that every step of product development is eco-friendly. From where the product is made to how the product is delivered, we are committed to uphold the value of eliminating unnecessary waste and reduce pollution problems in the process of our production, packaging, and transportation.

                Discover eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing food containers online at Happyhourstore in Hong Kong today!


                很多人在家中喜歡製作食物和甜點,招待朋友來到家中。在HAPPYHOURSTORE香港網上購物平台,你能購買到一系列的廚房用品,價錢相宜而且款式特別。不同大小的精美沙律碗,配備可愛小鳥湯匙;放置甜點與蛋糕的托盤,設計特別且能防止任何小昆蟲入侵;能放置 3公升飲料的飲水機,配有方便使用的冰管,可將飲料保持在低溫的狀態,而不會影響飲料的味道。這些廚房用品全都非常適合在日常及聚會時使用。


                Food Container

                Qualy ThirstyBigBird 3L GN "如果你口渴鳥(綠色)" 手提飲水機


                Qualy ThirstyBigBird 3L WH "如果你口渴鳥(白色)" 手提飲水機


                Qualy Sparrow Dessert Tray WH


                Qualy Sparrow Dessert Tray GN


                Qualy Dessert Tray M GN 喜鵲甜品托盤(青綠色)


                Qualy Dessert Tray M WH 喜鵲甜品托盤(白色)


                Qualy Sparrow Salad Bowl with Servers WH 白色喜鵲沙律套裝(叉子和匙子)配沙律碗


                Qualy Sparrow Salad Bowl with Servers GN 綠色喜鵲沙律套裝(叉子和匙子)配沙律碗


                Qualy Lucky Mouse Container 7L


                Qualy Bella Bunny Container 7L 小兔容器/米箱/米缸 連米杯


                Qualy Moby whale Ocean Container 3.5L


                Qualy Polar Bear Ocean Container 3.5L

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