LG PuriCare™ 360° 空氣清新機 雙層版(H13級HEPA濾網, 內置清淨循環扇) $4,980.00

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                Discover the top online destination to shop melamine dinnerware in HK

                Shop stylish and fun melamine dinnerware online at Happyhourstore and get it delivered to your home in HK! A type of material from melamine resin along with different strengthening materials, melamine dinnerware is perfect for daily use, as it is virtually indestructible, easy to clean, and often comes at an affordable price point, making it a great option for families in Hong Kong. Perfect for entertaining, outdoor dining to everyday use, melamine dinnerware looks like ceramic but the material itself is actually resistant to scratching, chipping, and breaking, making melamine an affordable dinnerware option for those who are looking for quality plates and bowls at a reasonable price in Hong Kong.

                Here at Happyhourstore our consciously curated selection of melamine dinnerware from SuperSOSO! was created with the sole mission to make useful, high quality, kitchenware, and more that can put a smile on their customer’s faces. Featuring funky and sometimes even quirky colors and designs that are made with premium quality melamine that is also eco-friendly, dinnerware from SuperSOSO! Is not only practical but can make even the plainest tables look exciting.

                Colorful food on the table can make mealtimes more fun - the same concept applies for tableware. For example, warm-toned colors such as yellow can act as an appetite stimulant and encourage people to eat more. Here at Happyhourstore, you can shop colorful melamine dinnerware from SuperSOSO! that you can mix and match the personality of your living space in Hong Kong. Moreover, the benefits of using melamine dinnerware instead of ceramic or porcelain, despite those being highly-sought-after in Hong Kong, is that the price of melamine is comparably cheaper and more sustainable in comparison to traditional glass dinnerware.

                Our selection of melamine dinnerware meets the safety standards set by the European Union, and each piece is BPA-free and dishwasher-friendly. Committed to ensuring that every step of product development is eco-friendly. From where the product is made to how the product is delivered, we are committed to eliminating any unnecessary waste and reducing pollution throughout our production, packaging, and transportation processes.

                Discover eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing food containers online at Happyhourstore in Hong Kong today!





                Melamine Dinnerware

                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic-NEON Round plate GN


                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic-NEON Round plate OG


                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic-NEON Round plate PK


                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic-NEON Oval Shape plate GN


                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic-NEON Oval Shape plate OG


                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic-NEON Oval Shape plate PK


                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic-NEON Deep plate GN


                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic-NEON Deep Plate OG


                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic-NEON Deep Plate PK


                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic- NEON Soup bowl Green


                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic- NEON Soup bowl Orange


                SuperSOSO! Art De Chic- NEON Soup bowl Pink

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