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'Caution PK' Bath Mat

    'Caution PK' Bath Mat "小心別跌倒"浴墊


      'PK' is a euphemism for a Cantonese profanity. Though PK is slang for tripping and falling over, it may also be used to swear at someone to 'drop dead'.  Just remember that we at G.O.D. like to have a bit of fun so while these designs are colourful and stylish, some may have double meanings or be considered 'swearing' so use with caution!

      G.O.D.'s microfibre bath mats absorb water quickly while their light weight helps them to dry quickly after use. 

      Size: 44 (h) x 68 (w) cm
      Material: Microfibre

      *Please allow 1-3 cm error due to manual measurement.