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Qualy Roaming Bear Container
Qualy Roaming Bear Container
Qualy Roaming Bear Container

    Qualy Roaming Bear Container

    $119.00 $145.00



      Keep the magic of winter inside your bathroom with the polar bear cotton bud holder. The Roaming Bear brings you back to your favorite time of the year with its snow globe design. Refill the cotton buds and it will serve as a splendid piece of art in your bathroom area.


      Instrcution: 1. The clear cover protects the cotton buds from dirt and also it designed like a snow globe. 2. Put all of the cotton bud inside the container and cover with the clear dome lid 3. Pour the cotton buds out from the top of the dome lid for easy access.



      Made in Thailand


      Brand Story



      QUALY home decorate and gift design items, generate by the creative and innovative design team under the concept "Living with styles". Focus on the functional usage of the product and on top of that, the nice shape and colors add on and your everyday life shall be more joyful.100% Thai’s designed product. Export to over 50 countries around the world. Recognized and guaranteed by design awards won from both Thai and international competitions.

      Environmental friendly

      In addition to using the right materials, QUALY also cares for environment by using recyclable materials and pollution free manufacturing processes. QUALY choice is recycled paper with soy ink. QUALY pours its heart into every step of product development from the environmental communication concept through design, the properly calculated amount of resources in order to leave no waste behind, the use of energy, the pollution problems during production and transport, the waste management, and the adoption of 3Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. With these principles in mind, QUALY continues to create and find innovative ways to enhance its product while care for environment at the same time.