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SPOX SOX Fitness
SPOX SOX Fitness

    SPOX SOX Fitness

      No matter you are trying to lose weight, stay fit and strong, or just clear your mind after day of busy work, fitness should be an important in our lives. Train up your dedication, motivation and mind today. 

      Mismatched adult crew socks in blue and green featuring fitness equipment on one and gym environment on the other.

      Designed and produced in Poland, "Spox Sox" - meaning "cool sox" in Polish language, make socks with bold colors, unique design, very good quality yet at affordable prices. It isn't just colorful crew socks.  Be creative and express yourself with these bold patterns and colors to brighten up your day.  Add bits of fun and fashionable elements to your daily adventures.



      80% Combed Cotton, 15% Polymide, 5% Elastane




      Brand story-Spox sox

      SPOX SOX name comes from the combination of English and Polish urban slang and means "cool socks"

      A brand of colorful socks

      Design and manufacture in Poland

       best quality made of finest combed cotton, durability and beautiful design.

      Our signature mismatched socks are linked with the same theme and matching colors



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